- Currently Flink MySql CDC connector only supports MySql whose version is larger or equal to 5.7, but actual is 5.6. - 方案一 重装 mysql 太麻烦了 不用 - 1, 删除mysql相关的service和sts - 2, 删除mysql相关的pvc - 3, 重新编写k8s描述文件 升级 mysql 版本 - 4, 重新执行DDL 重新插入数据 - 5, 重启依赖 mysql 的服务 springbootdemo - 方案二 升级. 2/3 MySQL CDC Source is the first one who have adopted incremental snapshot algorithm, and other DB like MongoDB,Oracle,PG are coming soon. You can keep attention on next community PRs or release note. 简介 Flink CDC: 解决了传统数据库实时同步的痛点, 该技术抛弃了其他第三方组件(例如Kafka等),能够实时读取Mysql master节点全量和增量数据,能够捕获所有数据的变化,同时它完全与业务解耦,运维也及其简单。. Flink SQL CDC 實踐以及一緻性分析. 0. 复制成功. laminate tops for desks; big boy 4014 tickets 2022; household candles wholesale; chins juvenile court; cs141 ucr; elf bar vape charger; opencv sobel implementation; free zitobox coin codes that really work; unity ignore all collisions; intel r.

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